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Hosting a party, planning your wedding, or a special event and want to treat your guests to something a little out of the ordinary to drink? We can supply you with fabulous infused gin in as large or small quantities as you need. Just fill out the form with the details of your event and quantities you have in mind, and we'll be in touch to discuss your event.


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Once upon a gin

Gin Tales produces beautiful infused gin made with fresh fruits and botanicals. Create perfect gin & tonics and cocktails. Nothing nasty or artificial. Gin is as naughty as it gets, we won't tell if you don't...

Once upon several gins, we mused that it seemed a little crazy our beloved spirit was being drowned in unnatural ingredients in order to obtain flavour. So we set out to create a wonderful new selection of gins, infused with only natural flavours that would bring the taste to our G&T's and cocktails. 

Our gins are truly fabulous with splashes of tonic, as well as a delicious base for cocktails, without having to chuck in sugar, syrups or artificial flavours. 

What started out as an experiment on our very willing friends and family, soon turned into a small business and we're growing! From our little workshop in Islington we're producing beautiful infused gin using only fresh, natural ingredients - no added chemicals, sugar or other weird stuff that doesn't belong in your drink. Gin is as naughty as it gets, we won't tell if you don't...

If you want to see more of what we're up to then please follow, like, stalk, befriend, tweet or pin us in the usual spots.

Ooh, and we have lots more exciting pop-up events coming in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for more details coming soon.

 Are you wild, romantic, cool, saucy, or sweet? Discover your Gin Tale and see where it leads you...

With love,


Creator, Gin Tales